Shifting from Projects to Product Teams isn’t easy!
Our conferences are designed around making it easier.

  • Inspiring Case Studies

    We highlight the leading practices that teams are adopting around the world to build better products, faster, together. But we also share the challenges faced along the way.

  • Product, UX, Design and Dev

    We help people to see outside of their silo to get a systems view of product delivery. T-shaped people with knowledge across Product, UX, Design and Dev are critical in high-performing product teams.

  • Scaling product teams

    We share techniques and approaches to ensuring quality, consistency, and efficiency as they scale product teams across their organisations.

  • Foster change – don’t force it

    People don’t hate change – they hate being changed. We give people the motivation and the tools so they can champion change.

  • Meet like-minded experts

    UXDX attracts the people who are motivated to improve their way of working. Where could these connections take you?

  • Lots of fun!

    From walking tours, to city runs, to after parties and much more. Advancing your career can be fun too!